February Weather

February Weather

January 30, 2019| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

While there are signs hinting at Spring – longer, sunnier days, and warmer afternoons urging the first run of maple sap in the milder sugar woods – the weather does its best to disguise such phantoms of hope.  Permitting a day or two of blue skies and light winds, the pragmatic Yankee refers to these as “weather breeders”.  Between the pessimism and the law of averages, such quiet winter weather is inevitably followed by a storm.  To some, snow is snow is snow.  However a more careful observer will note that each storm has its own character and individual style.  Consider the fine, dry snow that the wind keeps from clinging to the trees, making a sturdy surface for skiing but will not permit any respectable snowball to be made.  Then there are the flaky feathers that float down on a wind-less Sunday morning, inviting the quietest trek on snow shoes, only to be beckoned back to the fireside with the warmth of a simmering stew.

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February Records and Averages

Warmest:  31.3°F/1981        Coldest:     6.1°F/1934

Wettest:      4.93”/1981      Snowiest:     60.5”/1969



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