February Astronomy

February Astronomy

January 30, 2019| Categories: Planetarium News, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

February evenings feature the great Orion, mid-way up from the southern horizon by 8 o’clock, accompanied by the brightest star in our night skies, Sirius, below and left of Orion, marking the nose of the Great Dog.  High in the south, Taurus, the Bull charges at Orion, as the Big Dipper begins to lift higher into the northeast.  The planets are on parade in the morning skies (see above), with Jupiter farthest to the right, while Venus edges toward Saturn for a meeting on the 18th.  In the evenings, Mars lingers in the southwest, while Mercury makes a decent appearance from the 18th through the end of the month.

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A parade of planets in the February morning skies


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