February Weather

February Weather

February 3, 2020| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

February, you might say, is a case of the sun being willing, but the body of the winter just isn’t ready. Each day brings the sun a little higher, and lasting a little longer in the sky. The same snow that fell in December, leaving the road covered for a few days, now departs quickly from the porch steps and roads with just a few moments of sun. But nights still last longer than the days, allowing the cold to deepen. And yet, in the dead of winter, there is life. Lakes and ponds become curious ephemeral towns of ice shanties. We can also celebrate the fact that, hidden beneath the veil of snow and ice, life doesn’t just linger, it flourishes. We might be told the trees are just sleeping, or that the mice are tunneling under the snow, but we can FEEL that urgent tug on the other end of the line.

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February Records and Averages
Warmest: 31.3°F in 1981 Coldest: 6.1°F in 1934
Wettest: 4.93” in 1981 Snowiest: 60.5” in 1969

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