December Weather

December Weather

December 1, 2020| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather, What's Happening

The darkest days of the year are not helped by the fact that they are also the cloudiest. This darkness is complete across the arctic regions, and nearly so in the sub-arctic, providing an increasing source of cold air that causes the average  temperatures to drop nearly 15 degrees, and create conditions that have resulted in the coldest weather ever experienced in this region. Ideal conditions for severe cold form in the wake of a departing storm, when north winds can direct arctic air from Hudson Bay into northern New England over the shortest distance. Persistent winds and a lack of strong sun leave little energy to alter the air from its arctic origins, so that during the last week of the month, daylight temperatures can remain below zero.

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December Records and Averages

Warmest:  35.8°F in 2015                Coldest:     4.6°F in 1989

Wettest:   7.91 inches in 1973   Snowiest:  53.7 inches in 2007




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