December Weather

December Weather

December 4, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather

More so than any other month during the winter, snow is welcomed by most in December.  Perhaps it is because the cliché of a white Christmas is thrust upon us with every greeting card and every holiday advertisement.  But I suspect there is more to it than that.  Consider the drab attire of November, skies grey and hillsides brown, and the afternoons growing always shorter.  What better to spruce up the neighborhood than to cover things with a mantle of white. Its fresh, crisp blanket hides the dying vegetation and the neglected flower bed while brightening the dull brown hillsides.  Its absence in a mild December makes us uneasy, knowing something important is missing.  So we’ll welcome the dancing flakes as they come to decorate our darkest days, and refresh our spirits, embracing the renewal of those winter rituals of shoveling, skiing, and snowballs. 

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December Records and Averages

Warmest:  35.8°F in 2015                Coldest:     4.6°F in 1989

Wettest:   7.91 inches in 1973   Snowiest:  53.7 inches in 2007


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