The Monarch is Vermont's State Butterfly!

The Monarch is Vermont's State Butterfly!

August 7, 2020| Category: Fairbanks Museum

Take a stroll through our Shippee Family Eye Care Butterfly House and surround yourself with moving colors. We’ve nurtured native species from eggs through pupae and cocoon until magnificent butterflies emerge. Monarchs, Admirals, and Swallowtails have the showiest patterns. Their colors are especially striking as they nestle on cone-flowers, bee balm, or marsh mallow for nectar.

Our Butterfly House is an immersion into the world of these real-life “transformers” that rely on various host and feeder plants through all stages of their brief and spectacular lives. If you’d like to bring more butterflies to your gardens, take note of the plants — all are native to northern New England, and all attract these lovely pollinators.

On your way to the Butterfly House, try the Monarch Migration game — will you make it to the end?

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