Beekeeping Basics

Beekeeping Basics

January 26, 2018| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Programs and Events

Saturday, March 10: North Country Beekeepers –

Have you ever thought about keeping honey bees? Then this introductory workshop is for you. The following areas will be covered during the program: history of beekeeping, basic, honeybee biology, apiary location, equipment, bee behavior, working in hives, colonies, nucs, packages, swarms, and new colony management. Instructors are members of North Country Beekeepers Association and donate their time and equipment for class. Program materials are a mix of beekeeper’s experiences, attended seminars, online-references and a mix of other materials, which have been shared by many beekeepers throughout the years.

10AM – 3PM with lunch break from 12pm-1pm

$35 a person, goes directly to supporting the NC Beekeepers Association

Please RSVP here  or contact Jen D’Agostino

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