Beautiful Butterflies

The Monarch is Vermont's State Butterfly!

The Monarch is Vermont's State Butterfly!

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The Shippee Family Eyecare Butterfly House will close for the season in mid-September.

This is your chance to experience a world of color and motion before our native butterflies take cover as the colder months approach. Monarchs, Painted Ladies, and Swallowtails are still happily fluttering from flower to flower, still soaking up the summer sun … but not for long! They will not be able to survive colder nights, and we’ll remove the Butterfly House in mid-September.

Take a look while you can this season!

The Shippee Family Eyecare Butterfly House has allowed us to cultivate butterflies — hatching them from eggs, to caterpillars, to pupa, and finally magnificent butterflies! We created a nurturing habitat for each species, with plants that provide nectar and welcome eggs. We’ve learned a lot in the process!

Let us know if you enjoyed this exhibit. Would you like to see another butterfly house at the Fairbanks Museum next year?

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