August Weather

August Weather

July 31, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

Even as the summer becomes more entrenched over the region, the signs are there that summer’s glory will not last much longer.  Is that a reason to dampen summer plans?  Hardly!  In so many ways there is a full half of summer yet to go, with temperatures averaging as warm or warmer in August than in July 4 out of 10 years.  It takes a long time to begin losing the heat gained up until this point of summer, which means the longer nights are warm ones, and the crickets begin to raise their chorus earlier each evening.  Warmer air is also found higher up in the atmosphere, which should reduce the thunderstorm activity.  However, the tropics become more active, and while we rarely see a tropical storm reach us, the remnants in the form of soaking rains can quench a thirsty, dusty August landscape.

-Mark Breen


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August Records and Averages

Warmest:  71.7°F in 1937             Coldest:     60.4°F in 1903

Wettest:   9.06 inches in 2011     Driest:  0.93 inches in 2002



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