August Weather

August Weather

August 5, 2019| Category: Skywatch Almanac Weather

Although the days are now noticeably shorter, it is encouraging that August is warmer than July, 4 out of 10 years.  The combination of accumulating heat in the ground and the ocean forces the storm track to its most northerly point of the year, permitting lazy weather patterns to dominate much of the month.  However, this same heat gets the tropical juices flowing, with the odds increasing through the month that a tropical system will bring drenching rains.  As the days continue to shorten, the first pools of cold accumulate in the arctic, which might slip briefly south in the form of a cold front, announced by the booming voice of a boisterous thunderstorm. 

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August Records and Averages

Warmest:  71.7°F in 1937             Coldest:     60.4°F in 1903

Wettest:   9.06 inches in 2011     Driest:  0.93 inches in 2002

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