August Weather

August Weather

August 3, 2020| Categories: Fairbanks Museum, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather, Weather

Although summer continues to reign in August, one does not have to look hard to find signs of impending change. Most Augusts start every bit as hot as July, most notably that of 1909, when the temperature soared to 100 on the 8th. In fact the entire continent has warmed to such an extent in August that storms have retreated to their most northerly routes. This means extended periods of dry weather with drought making an occasional appearance, drying up many shallow wells, and reducing rivers to lazy streams. Yet each day shortens and the nights grow longer, allowing more cooling, and often the first scattered frosts of the season sneak into the colder hollows by the end of the month. The hillsides display the first splashes of autumn color, betraying the warmth of a late-August afternoon.

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August Records and Averages

Warmest: 71.7°F in 1937         Coldest: 60.4°F in 1903

Wettest: 9.06 inches in 2011     Driest: 0.93 inches in 2002

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