August Astronomy

August Astronomy

August 5, 2019| Categories: Planetarium News, Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

The evenings arrive just a little earlier in August, 45 minutes-worth by month’s end.  The annual Perseid Meteor Shower from the 11th to the 14th will be greatly hampered by the nearly Full Moon this year.  Darker evenings away from the Full Moon feature Scorpius and the “teapot” in the south, while the Milky Way runs from the Scorpion up through the three bright stars forming the Summer Triangle, found nearly overhead, and fades as it heads toward the northeast horizon, home to the Queen, Cassiopeia.  Jupiter continues its summer splendor just above the Scorpion, while Saturn stands out just above the Teapot.

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The spacecraft Juno explores the gas giant Jupiter

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