April Weather

April Weather

March 31, 2021| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Mark Breen, Skywatch Almanac Weather

You could say that April is a case of the “heart is willing, but the weather isn’t able”.  We want spring, but the weather’s agenda will not be swayed.  It does include some “spring” interludes as the Sun strengthens, turning a frosty morning into a splendid afternoon.  However, should clouds take away the Sun, then there is just enough winter left to bring snow, often enough to measure, and occasionally enough to shovel.  The remnants of snow in eastern Canada, and the residual cold water in the ocean resist the efforts of the Sun, setting up the classic battle that results in April’s fitful nature.  Perhaps the best thing is not to have great expectations.  It is normal – and should be expected – that April will deliver some snow, and lingering cold. 

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April Extremes

Warmest:  50.2°F/1921       Coldest:     35.5°F/1943

Wettest:      6.23”/2000      Snowiest:      21.1”/2007





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