April Astronomy

April Astronomy

March 31, 2021| Category: Skywatch Almanac Astronomy

The stars continue their transition into spring each April, as Orion and his companions, the Big Dog and Taurus, the Bull, gradually settle toward the western horizon.  The spring stars may not dazzle in comparison, yet the Big Dipper is placed high in the northeast, Leo, the Lion champions the southern skies, and Gemini’s Twins stand high in the west.  Venus re-appears briefly, and challengingly low, while the slowly fading Mars climbs above Taurus.  Mercury appears low in the west at month’s end.  Early risers get views of the returning Jupiter, and Saturn, low in the southeast, just as twilight begins from 5:30 to 6 o’clock.  Eventually, this duo will delight us in the evenings late summer and fall.

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Looking west, from April 15th-17th at 9 o’clock

Night Owl Club

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