April Weather

April Weather

March 29, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

Spring in April is like a new-born lamb,  just getting to its wobbly legs – one moment bouncing, and the next tumbling and tripping.  The strengthening sun will bounce temperatures into the 60s or 70s.  In a few rare years, thermometers have leapt to 90 degrees.  However, one sharp cold front, driven south by a biting north wind, and suddenly a remnant of winter is re-covering the ground, and burying the early flowers, sending thoughts of spring tumbling and tripping.  It is the only calendar month that can claim both 90 degrees and below zero, as well as more than a foot of snow.  Yet like the spring lamb, the spring weather always bounces back, with fleecy tufts of clouds on a rich blue background.

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April Records and Averages

Warmest:  50.2°F/1921

Coldest:     35.5°F/1943

Wettest:      6.23”/2000

Snowiest:      21.1”/2007





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