April Weather

April weather: rain and sun together.

April weather: rain and sun together.

March 30, 2022| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Fairbanks Museum, Skywatch Almanac Weather

Sugar snow.  Poor man’s fertilizer.  Call it what you will, we know that April snow is only as serious as we imagine it to be.  Sure, we may have to shovel it, or drive through it, or wait a little longer to get the baseball field dried out.   But we know that it cannot last.  The sun has already brought us a few glimpses of what is coming in the advancing weeks of spring, and there is little room for snow and frost.  Spring flowers ignore the wintry spasms, patiently adjusting their schedule as they go ahead with business as usual.  Sugaring finishes up even if the weather tries to provide another round of freezing nights and cool but sunny days.  Of course it is hardly romantic, as any cold, raw spring rain will quickly remind us.  And then there’s mud season, which reaches its bottom or top, depending on your view point, keeping even the sunniest day humble.

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April Records and Averages

Warmest:  50.2°F | 1921

Coldest:     35.5°F | 1943

Wettest:      6.23”| 2000

Snowiest:      21.1”| 2007



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