Astronomy Camp

Astronomy camp is for kids ages 9 to 13.

Astronomy camp is for kids ages 9 to 13.

March 14, 2018| Categories: Astronomy Camp, Planetarium News, Programs and Events

April 17 – 19

Our Astronomy Camp is a blast. Literally. We build and launch rockets. And it’s so cool to see something you’ve created soar into the sky!

This year we will focus on the James Webb Space Telescope, an infrared telescope that is more sensitive and has better wavelength coverage. The JWST complements and extends the range of the Hubble plus what we can detect. Campers will review the latest missions to Mars: the Mars 2020 new rover and the InSight lander to drill beneath the surface of Mars in order to study the evolution of the planet. Finally, we will discuss private ventures like Space X and space exploration such as the Falcon Heavy’s design to carry humans into space with the possibility of travel to the Moon or Mars.
And of course, we’ll build and launch rockets.
Taught by Bobby Farlice-Rubio, Fairbanks Museum science educator, for kids ages 9 – 13 years old.
April 17 & 19 from 9:30AM – 4:30PM; visit to the Northern Skies Observatory in Peacham, VT, April 18, 7 – 10PM
Price: $115 members, $135 non-members
Contact Leila Nordmann for details and to register.

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