October Weather

Average temperatures trend downward during the month of October.

Average temperatures trend downward during the month of October.

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October may encompass the biggest transitions of any month of the year.  Our colorful foliage begins on the trees, and ends on the ground, leaving the hills brownish-grey, only the tamaracks glowing like the last flickering flames of October’s colorful demise.  By the end of the month, the days have shortened by an hour and a half.  Temperatures drop a solid 12 degrees, accompanied by much cloudier skies and the threat of snow in the air, which will dust the mountains every October, and sometimes sneak into the valleys.  Some find this discouraging, however, there is a new glow inside.  Morning chills are eased by a warmth of a fire, and the shelves are stocked with the season’s harvest, ready to see us through the darker days ahead.

“A good apple year is a good snow year”

The harvest moon hangs round and high
It dodges clouds high in the sky,
The stars wink down their love and mirth
The Autumn season is giving birth.

                   – Pearl N. Sorrels

Weather Highlights

2 – 1908:  The first substantial rain in 6 weeks brings relief from drought; Burlington enjoyed 0.64 inches.

9 – 2005:  The wettest October on record inundated northern New England with 3 to 10 inches of rain, resulting in disastrous flooding in southwest NH; 6 people died, with dozens of bridges and hundreds of roads washed away.

10 – 1925: Worst October snow fall of the time brought up to 2 feet of snow; closed mountain roads, canceled football games.

19 – 1955: Very wet week winds down in Mays Mill, VT; 11.77 inches of rain.

22 – 1969: Winter started early, 5 inches of snow in Burlington, an October record, and 10 to 20 inches on the tops of the Green Mountains.

25 – 2005:  A very early snowstorm proved very destructive, downing thousands of trees, and leaving up to 100,000 customers without power.  Snowfall totals included 16.5” in Barton, VT, 14.3 “ in Underhill, VT, and 9” in Sutton, VT.

October Records and Averages

Warmest: 54.0°F in 1947

Coldest: 39.1°F in 1925

Wettest: 8.60 inches in 2005

Driest: 0.29 inches in 1924

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