February Weather

February Weather

January 31, 2018| Categories: Eye on the Sky, Skywatch Almanac Weather

February may have good reason to be the host of winter’s deepest cold and snow, with snow reaching its greatest depth, and the nights still longer than the days, sending thermometers well below zero on clear night.  Yet there are changes in the making.  The biggest difference in the sun in February.  Not only do we gain an hour of daylight, but the sun’s position is higher, making the heating more effective.

By the end of the month average afternoon temperatures rise above freezing to all but the coldest mountains. This warming is more pronounced in the southern US, setting the stage for storms, feeding on that new-found energy, to collide with the lingering cold and give birth to a classic snow storm, or two, or three…..

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The wonder and beauty of the landscape are astounding in our northern winter. (E. M. Ray III Photography)

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