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Franklin Fairbanks Award

“The Franklin Fairbanks Award is given each year to an individual, not necessarily a Vermonter, for lifelong creative and dedicated service to the residents of Vermont and/or New England, one whose body of work has significantly enriched regional and/or national awareness and understanding of our cultural heritage and/or the natural world, through contributions in the arts, humanities, or sciences.  Past ties to the Museum are not a factor in the selection process.”

2019 Franklin Fairbanks Award: Peggy Pearl

Franklin Fairbanks Awards:

2014 Charles C. Browne
2013 Jim Arnosky
2012 Elizabeth Thompson
2011 Paul Bruhn
2010 Houghton Freeman (d)
2009 Willem Lange
2008 Stephen Long and Virginia Barlow
2006 William H. Eddy, Jr. (d)
2005 William H. Amos
2004 Darby Bradley
2003 Mary Azarian
2002 Bruce Berryman
2001 Ruth Crane (d)
2000 Susan C. Morse
1999 Graham S. Newell (d)
1998 Charles W. Johnson
1997 Bernd Heinrich
1996 Tom Slayton
1995 Edward Hoagland
1994 Brendan Whittaker
1993 Stuart Hall (d)
1992 Sarah B. Laughlin
1991 Carl Reidel (d)
1990 Douglas B. Kitchel (d)
1989 Hubert Vogelmann
1988 Senator Robert T. Stafford (d)

(d) deceased