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They’ve arrived!

Many look forward to seeing the arrival of ruby-throated hummingbird and prepare for it by hanging out sugar water feeders around their house. Our Executive Director, Charlie Browne, who is also an excellent observer always sees his first ruby-throated hummingbirds in early May. However in the last five years, the hummingbirds have arrived on exactly May 7th and this year was no different. They bring a buzz of excitement to any garden or hanging feeder and do not seem to mind people watching them. Since there are fewer blooming plants right now, here is a recipe for a nectar substitute of sugar water. Add 1/4 cup of pure cane sugar to 1 cup of water. Boil it into solution, let cool, and then add it to your feeder.This will supply them with the energy they need, just don’t forget to refill it when it gets low.

Remember to post your first sighting of these remarkable little fliers to our website as soon as you spot them!

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One Response to They’ve arrived!

  1. KT Thalin says:

    Saw the first male hummer at my house in Saxtons River on May 11 and the first female on May 12. (Last year, the first male arrived on May 5.)

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