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What is the Community of Observers?

It's a new way to connect with people who care about the ways our landscape is responding to changes in our ecosystems, especially the effects of shifts in weather patterns due to global climate change.


Observers are citizen scientists who watch and record the habits of specific birds, butterflies and wildflowers in the fields, forests and wetlands they know best. Observers also set up a weather station to measure temperature and precipitation. Over time, these observations will contribute to living maps that describe the nature of our region and how it might be changing.

Find how you can become a Fairbanks Observer.

The region we’re observing:

Map of the Community of Observers Region: Vermont, New Hampshire, Eastern NY, Northern MA & Southern Quebec

Sample Observations


Date: 4-09-17

Time: 9:00 am

Location: Saint Johnsbury, VT

Species: Eastern Phoebe

Observation: One phoebe near the house, singing.

Weather: Sunny


Date: 4-06-14

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Albany, VT

Weather: Lenticular cloud...huge...clear above/below


Date: 4-15-17

Time: 11:35 am

Location: Sheffield, VT

Species: Mourning Cloak

Observation: Mourning cloak basking & puddling on my driveway.

Weather: 52 degrees F & sunny


Date: 4-26-17

Time: 8:30 am

Location: Saint Johnsbury, VT

Species: Bloodroot

Observation: Bloodroot along LVRT path just west of tunnel under I91. 50 degrees F and light rain.

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