Welcome Oliver!

Oliver Ames is the new director of our Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium.

Oliver Ames is the new director of our Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium.

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The Lyman Spitzer Jr. Planetarium at the Fairbanks Museum is your path to learning about our cosmos and all the wonders it holds. From the largest stars to the smallest molecules, you can hear about it in our full-domed theatre. In an effort to increase and diversify our planetarium offerings and science programming, we are excited to announce our new planetarium director.

Oliver Ames has worked in the museum industry since 2013, starting as a planetarium presenter at the Mystic Seaport’s Treworgy Planetarium, located in Mystic, Connecticut. There he helped expand weekend programming, produced and narrated live planetarium shows to 40+ audiences using an optical projector, and was heavily involved with the students and teachers that visited the planetarium, including hosting a teacher’s day.

In the summer of 2014, Oliver began developing summer planetarium programming at the Fairbanks Museum and joined our inspiring planetarium presenters in offering world class shows to audiences of all ages. He returned the following year to continue that work.

As the new planetarium director, Oliver is focused on making the planetarium more accessible to all. This includes developing new programming designed for young children, creating more opportunities for the public to enjoy planetarium programming, diversifying program topics, mentoring local students interested in space and earth science, and developing new summer programs for learners of all ages, among other things.

Oliver’s first initiative has been to increase the number of shows offered during the summer. Starting June 21, you’ll be able to journey through the cosmos five times each day. With live shows beginning at 11:00am, you’ll have the opportunity to see unique planetarium presentations, including our hour-long special features that dive into specific space-science topics.

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