Franklin’s Guides

Franklin’s Guides

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Tours with Franklin’s Guides, 11:00 AM – noon, weekdays.

It’s that time of the summer where our student curators are here to provide you a closer look into our collections, dioramas, and exhibits!

Franklin’s Guides is a historic 75-year tradition that provides service learning and mentoring opportunities for students ages 11 – 15 during the summer. Guides students are ambassadors of the Fairbanks Museum and represent the spirit of Franklin Fairbanks when he dedicated his collections to our community of St. Johnsbury.

This year we are so excited to have the Shippee Family Eyecare Butterfly House and our first ever Observation Bee Hive for students to discuss relevant issues such as native species, life cycles, habitats, endangerment, and symbiotic relationships.

Getting hands-on is an equally exciting opportunity for Guides students to demonstrate our all new STEM Flexhibit that explores electricity, conduits, photoelasticity, bridge stresses, and so much more.

Each year students engage in a little engineering and technology with providing presentations with our Makerbot 3D Printer. We’ve made great strides by connecting the Victorian exhibits with our own Vermont history. With over 5,000 species of birds on display, we’re also bringing to light some of the more unique specimens out there like the Kiwi from Australia. We can’t forget about the improved crystal and meteorite collection, too.

We’re excited to announce an all new partnership between Franklin’s Guides and the Museum’s own Discovery Camp. Once a week Guides students pair up with Camp students, ages 5 – 8, to read aloud about insects, metamorphosis, pollination, ecosystems, and much more. This provides Discovery Camp students an opportunity into a Fairbanks Museum educational program they may one day join, too.

There are many more tours and presentations available up through August 11, so we’d like to encourage you to visit us between 11am – noon, Monday – Friday, to explore our Museum like never before!


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